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This is a map of the streets and schools.  It gives you a good idea of where we are in Woodbridge/Dale City.


Rectangular Callout: CD Hylton High School
Rectangular Callout: Home
Rectangular Callout: Rosa Parks Elementary School
Opens Sep Ď06
Rectangular Callout: Waterworks Water Park
Rectangular Callout: Saunders Middle School
Rectangular Callout: Orangewood PRTC Bus Stop
To Pentagon in 60 mins


Above is a satellite view of the area.  If you click on the schools, it will take you to their website.  We have also listed the schools below.


Rosa Parks Elementary School

Bus stop 150 feet (at top of court)


Saunders Middle School

300 yards (via sidewalk between homes)


CD Hylton High School

3/4 mile (bus stop 2 houses up on Packard)


The Prince William County website has a lot of valuable information on the area.  The Prince William County Park Authority has a lot to offer.  There is a water park, Waterworks, at the Andrew Leitch Park.  The Dale City Recreation Center is also very close, located on Minnieville Rd., off Dale Blvd.

 In addition, Skatequest, the ice skating rink, is less than a mile from the water park.  And there are a lot more privately owned dance, soccer, Tae Kwon Do, swimming, etc. in the area.

 Potomac Mills is only 12 minutes away.  It is a huge outlet/shopping mall and a brand new AMC Theater.


How to get to the Pentagon

 PLAN A (drive to Horner Rd lot and slug in)

13 minutes to Horner Rd Parking

2 minutes to wait for slug ride

25 minutes on I-95 to Pentagon

10 minutes walking to office

Total commute 50 minutes

Advantages:                  Itís flexible and free

Disadvantages              Hard to get a slug ride before 0600L


PLAN B (drive to Horner Rd lot and ride the PRTC bus in)

Same as Plan A except I wait in bus line at Horner Rd lot (bus line 6 feet from and parallel to slug line)

Total commute 50 minutes

Advantages:                  Itís flexible with slugging

I           Its free, must sign up for the $100/month Metro Tickets

            Can purchase bus tokens on the bus

            Buses are Greyhound-like and are clean/smooth


PLAN C (drive to Springfield Metro Stop and ride subway to Pentagon)

30-minute drive to Parking lot (via Old Bridge Rd to Rt 123 to Hoes Rd to SR 7100)

25-minute subway ride to Pentagon

10 minutes walking to office

Total commute 65 minutes


PLAN D (take bus from Orangewood to Pentagon)

Advantages:                  No driving

                                    Free, through use of Metro Tickets

Disadvantages:  A few less options in getting home


PLAN E (drive to Pentagon direct)

Advantages:                  Great for shift work

Disadvantages:  Will be disqualified for Metro Tickets

                                    Finding a parking spot
















How to get home from the Pentagon


How I get home depends on the time I can leave work

Depart 1200 - 1530L   Use PLAN B or C

Depart 1530 - 1745L   Use PLAN A

Depart 1745 - 2000L   Use PLAN B

Depart 2000 - 2230L   Use PLAN C

Other times                   Use PLAN D


PLAN A (slug to Horner Rd and then drive home)

            Advantages:                  Easy ride home

                                                Horner Rd line moves the quickest

            Disadvantages:  Finding a ride gets tough after 1745L since HOV opens at 1800L


PLAN B (take the bus to Horner Rd and then drive home)

Advantages:                  The last PRTC bus leaves the Pentagon at 2000L

                                    Allows you to work hot taskers which come late in the day

                                    Still allows you to slug into work

Disadvantages:  Might have to wait 15 minutes for next bus


PLAN C (ride subway to Springfield, bus from Metro Station to Horner Rd and drive home)

            Advantages:                  At least you are not getting a hotel room



PLAN D (ride subway to Springfield and talk real sweet to your spouse)

            Advantages:                  The doghouse is better than the bus stop curve